Get Found By Your Customers
On The Web. Easily.


Do you have a business that you want to promote on the internet? Are you looking for ways to SELL your amazing product or service online? Do you have a website that doesn't get a lot of visitors? Do you know anyone who NEEDS to generate more customers and sales from the web?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then we can help you!

Who We Are and
What We Do

VPC Web Marketing is a team of highly experienced professionals who provide ONLINE MARKETING SOLUTIONS to business owners. We help you and your business GET FOUND by customers on the web, so you can sell and profit more!

And how do we do this?

We help promote your website or blog on the internet through a method called search engine optimization (or better known as SEO). This is a method by which we help your site become more visible on GOOGLE SEARCH so that customers can easily find you.

In a nutshell, we do this by:

* Adjusting the content on your site
* Cleaning up errors on your site
* Using the right keywords on your site
* Building your presence in social media
* Targeting locations where your customers live in
* And many many more!

SEO can be a highly intricate, technical and tedious process, so it is highly advisable that you let us handle this for you!

Here's how we can help you today:

'Website Check Up & SEO Consultation”

Over the years, we have personally helped webmasters and business owners CLEAN UP the errors on their sites, as well as formulate a search engine optimization strategy that leads to more visits, leads, sales and profits. 

We're about to do the same thing for you — if you avail of our Website Checkup and SEO Consultation service today!

Here’s What’s Included 
In The Consultation:

Item# 1: Full Website SEO Audit & Checkup

site-auditWe will take a very CLOSE look at your website and see which elements need to be resolved or improved. During this website check-up, we will determine how “healthy” is your site and spot PROBLEM areas that's hindering your site from showing up visibly on Google and other search engines.

Think of this like going to a world-renown doctor for a health consultation!

By the end of the website audit, you will receive a detailed but EASY TO READ document that outlines all our findings about your site. We will also give you actionable, step-by-step recommendations on what you can do to improve your site’s SEO. Give us 24 to 48 hours, and we will forward this report to you.

Item# 2: Live Consultation Call on Skype

We are not the kind of “SEO consultants” who give you a mediocre SEO insight report and then DISAPPEAR forever.

We want to actually “meet you” and talk to you on a Skype call to discuss a CUSTOM strategy for improving your site’s SEO. During the Skype call, we will discuss the SEO recommendations in greater detail. We will also give you a step-by-step walkthrough of how you can implement certain fixes and SEO improvements.

This LIVE CONSULTATION CALL on Skype should take no longer than 1 hour (or less), and will be done at a schedule suitable for you.