How To Get High Search Rankings, Traffic, Leads, Sales and Revenue to Your Website Through SEO

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My goal here is to help you understand why your website is NOT ranking highly on the search engines. Once you understand the “why”, you can then take the next big step, which is the “how”.

There are actually 11 reasons why your website/business isn’t getting enough search traffic. Here are they:

Reason # 1: You’re Out of Touch With Your Target Market. This means, you’re not fully aware what kinds of search phrases your intended customers are searching for. Just because you’re in the weight loss industry doesn’t mean your customers are typing “weight loss secrets” on Google all the time. You need to be cleverer in your keyword research.

Reason # 2: Your Site’s Pages Have Poor Signboards. If traditional offline businesses have signboards, so do business websites. Your site’s signboards are your meta tags. If they are written poorly and doesn’t effectively target your keywords, you’ll have a hard time ranking on search!

Reason # 3: You Are Blind To The Competition. Most online business owners take the “introverted approach” to SEO. They focus too much on what they are doing and do not pay attention to the competitor. In SEO, competition is everything if you’re hoping to even get on the first page of Google. You need tools to have some sort of market competitor insight.

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