How To REALLY Get More Online Leads, Sales and Profits To Your Business Through SEO



Hi I’m Verniel Cutar – I’m a web marketer and SEO consultant. 

Let me ask you something:

Have you ever experienced staring BLANKLY at your computer screen, totally CLUELESS as to how you can generate website VISITORS, LEADS, and SALES?

Have you ever felt that getting SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC is too technical and overwhelming?

Have you ever felt like your business is an absolute LONER on the web, and no one is raving about your PRODUCT OR SERVICE?

The Reason Why You Are Here

Let me tell this straight: I know why you’re reading these words.

It’s because of ANY of the following reasons:

1) You’ve been burned with your previous SEO efforts. You probably hired some SEO “expert” in the past who overpriced the service, then submitted to you some spammy backlinks or worse yet, a Google penalty. 

2) You are generally confused about SEO and all overwhelming information on the web, including animals like Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird. You probably spent HOURS on, SearchEngineLand, and Matt Cutts’ blog digging up information —  but ended up more confused than before.

3) You just have a brand new website (the next big thing on the web) and you are eager to take the online world by storm and MAKE SALES. Problem is, SEO and search engine traffic seems to be the MISSING PIECE of the puzzle.

4) You are an SEO professional, blogger, or link builder yourself – but lately NOTHING SEEMS TO BE WORKING with your online campaigns. Your boss, your client, your family members are MAD because SALES ARE DOWN and income is low.

5) All of the above

After 7 years in the SEO business, here’s what I found out: SEO Is  A Game Of Courage…

…and so is life.

The reason why majority of people FAIL online is because they think online marketing is a game of INTELLECT:

Watch more videos and buy more courses.
Learn to say some fancy words
Master all those code – HTML, Java, CSS, Greek, Chinese, etc…
Understand all those Analytics – get down to all the little details
Break the Google algorithm

DON’T GET ME WRONG. I enjoy learning new stuff as much as anyone. I do have a Google Certification in Analytics and Adwords. I do know some of those fancy words. I read all time.

But my point is this:

Online marketing success does not 

SEO is not chess, it is REAL LIFE.

And real life has its ups and downs. 

In real life, your success DOES NOT depend on how smart you are, but on HOW DETERMINED and PASSIONATE you are in achieving your goals.

Some readers won’t even make it to this sentence (around 60% to 70% won’t even go reading this far and I will be paying a few dollars per Adwords click for those visitors. But it’s OK, I’d rather spend my time and money on the remaining 30% who are WINNERS and GO-GETTERS. Hope that’s you!)

Why won’t some people even bother to read through something that absolutely HELPS THEM? 

It’s because they’re not PASSIONATE ENOUGH. 

Their level of courage is like a thermometer stuck in the North Pole.

When their site fails to rank on Google within 30-60 days, they would panic and start liking the Facebook page entitled “SEO is DEAD, save yourself”. 

Tsk tsk.

Here’s my challenge for you today:

Pick Up The Pieces NOW, Or Quit The Business!

Those who can’t take a few failures in their business won’t see any significant results in SEO, and in life in general. That’s for sure.

Why? Because they won’t hang around the industry LONG ENOUGH to see positive results. 

Whatever you do, DON’T QUIT just because nobody responded to your recent link building outreach, nobody liked your blog post, or the latest SEO guy you hired messed up. 

Keep moving forward. Keep learning and applying. Keep TRYING and working. 

The truth is “out there”.

Let me reword that sentence: THE TRUTH IS “RIGHT HERE” – ON THIS WEBPAGE.

If you think you have the courage and determination to succeed in promoting your website successfully through SEO, then I sincerely want to help you —  I really do. 

Here’s how I can help:

Ask Me Any Question About SEO

I do not claim to be the Wizard of Oz, or Albert Einstein.

Honestly, I don’t have all the answers. (No one does – even Matt Cutts).

However, after 7 years experience in the industry and collective 10 years experience in Online Marketing – chances are, I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GOING THROUGH. 

Just ask me ANY question about SEO – whether it’s about on-page SEO, Analytics, meta tags, Webmaster Tools, SEO tools, backlink building, content development, social media, sitemaps, algorithm updates, or any other SEO matter that pertains to your business.

Just ask and I’ll give you the best possible advice that adheres to SEO best practices. That’s my commitment to you. 

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