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Who I Am And What I Do

Hi my name is Verniel Cutar from Manila, Philippines. I am an SEO consultant, blogger, and a passionate craftsman in just about any aspect of online marketing / E-commerce / making money online / web content development. 

I don't intend to write an autobiography on this page (as 98% of all "About Me" pages out there). But here are some relevant information you need to know:

  • I've been in the online marketing industry since 2007. I've also been into web copywriting since the time of your ancestors.
  • Over the years, I've worked on countless SEO projects both for companies and independent marketers, successfully ranking their websites on GOOGLE SEARCH. This includes individual websites, mini-sites, huge Ecommerce sites with 1,000s+ of products, sites owned by lawyers and dentists, and many others. And yep, they love me very much (Contact me to request my client portfolio and work history documentation). 
  • I hate to brag about this, but in the past several months, I've made a combined $800,000+ in gross online revenues for the clients I worked with, mainly because of the SEO campaigns I set up for them. 

Right now, I work full time as an independent consultant for a digital marketing agency, so I'm really not accepting any new clients at this time. However, through this website I provide SEO tips, advice, suggestions, recommendations, blog posts, and the latest information about SEO that works

All you have to do is ASK.

Feel free to subscribe to my blog, add me on Facebook/Twitter, and also hop into my mailing list to receive the latest updates.

Don't worry, my stuff is good (I'll try my very best!). 🙂

The Story Of How I Got Into This Crazy Industry (SEO)

Let me make this clear:


...but I also think that the industry is kinda crazy, don't you think?

You see, every year or so, we seem to have new animals coming up. Lately in late 2013 or early 2014, we had a Hummingbird thingy, but prior to that we had Penguins and Pandas walking around.

When I got started doing SEO in 2007, those animals don't exist yet.

Wait, I don't even know I'm already doing SEO at that time!

Here's the story: Around late 2006, I launched a niche website called Simple Recruiting Formula. It's a site about affiliate marketing and MLM tips, techniques and strategies. 

That site became a SMASH HIT back in the day (well maybe not as viral as Perez Hilton's blog, but in my own perspective it DID achieve my own sales and revenue goals). 

Looking back on how I promoted that site, it's obvious that SEO was responsible for its success (though I did not know that what I'm doing is called SEO). I did stuff like:

  • Blogging daily
  • Sharing my blog posts on social media
  • Optimizing my on-page content, headings and meta tags
  • Getting my site listed in respected online directories
  • Blogging on other people's websites
  • Sending emails to webmasters and recommending my link
  • Participating in forums and online discussion groups

Later on (around a couple of years later, sometime in 2009), I got a "formal initiation" in the SEO field. It was then I tried to learn everything I can about search engine optimization, and realized that I have already been doing it all along with some success.

So that's how I got into this crazy industry -- by accident!!

Enough about me. Feel free to tell me more about yourself by leaving me a message or two


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